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Online Signalperson Course

This online Signal Person course meets all the new OSHA standards for qualifying personnel in house, with the added benefit of training records that are available 24/7 in the event you need to show proof and verification for you and your team.

Ease and Simplicity of Online Signalperson Course

The online Signalperson Training course is easy and simple to use, fully audio enabled so the user can read along at a steady pace and take notes.

The Signalperson course incorporates video, graphics, and animation in order to keep the user engaged and fully focused, we have included training concepts previously only offered through in-depth crane operator programs. This up-to-date training encompasses all your need to know to become a Qualified Signalperson.

Benefits of Online Course

Traditional training and exam preparations means leaving work for several days, traveling to distant locations, and sitting in a classroom while incurring expenses. By using OperatorNetwork you get the most comprehensive training available anywhere, at your pace, your location, and at your convenience. Operator Network is leading innovation by providing easy access to High quality training at an affordable price. All training programs meet ASME, ANSI, and OSHA standards as well as regulations.

Meeting OSHA Audits

Each user license provides access to a learning management system with reporting capabilities. Individuals or companies that request administrative access can view time spent on the course, individual quiz scores, final exam results and progress reports. This feature is an excellent training management tool, especially for superintendents and training managers who need to prove due diligence and meet OSHA audits.

Upon Purchase, Each user license allows 6 months for users to begin the course. Once the course is started, you will have 90 days to complete the course.

An optional supplementary workbook for the Online Rigging Training Course is available for purchase.

Cost: $149.00 Per License English or Spanish

Days left until 29CFR

1926 OSHA as required by the us department of labor,

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

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